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What is a service voucher?

Service vouchers enable you, as a private individual in Belgium, to pay for domestic assistance services at your home or outside your home, at a preferential rate (€9 per voucher).

1 hour worked = 1 service voucher, which costs you €6.30 after a tax rebate of 30%.

Which services can you benefit from and pay for using service vouchers?


  • Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Laundry & ironing
  • Preparing meals
  • Occasional sewing work

Outside the home:

  • Delivery of shopping/errands
  • Day-to-day requirements
  • External ironing services
  • Occasional minor sewing work

Service vouchers MAY NOT be used:

  • For repair works (plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  • For maintaining the garden
  • For wallpapering or repainting a room
  • For taking care of children
  • For having hot meals delivered
  • For having deliveries of furniture, domestic appliances or audiovisual equipment, newspapers, etc.

Important: you may not benefit from service vouchers if you are a business.